We believe holidays should be relaxing, comfortable and inspiring - and certainly shouldn't pollute the planet we all call home.

Currently, tourism is a huge multi-billion pound industry with over 70 million people taking holidays in the UK each year. Yet our accommodation is far from sustainable. 37% of Britain's carbon emissions come from buildings. Luckily, innovative design and green technology can be used to reduce energy and water demands to a tiny fraction of the average. Our answer to this situation is PassivPod: an inspirational and sustainable holiday home that combines luxury features with zero-carbon 'passivhaus' principles.

Here's a short video to introduce the concept and show off the beautiful design:

PassivPod is not only completely powered by renewable energy and made from natural materials, it also has four spacious double bedrooms, ensuite bathrooms, a hot-tub, barbecue and other luxury features. Because sustainable design does not need to mean sacrificing on comfort or aesthetics. Our copyrighted concept design is currently being developed commercially, and we are planning to launch PassivPod Ltd as a new venture in collaboration with Strategic Management Partners.

sustainable luxury holiday home

Floor plan of PassivPod ground and first floor.

sustainable luxury holiday home To raise awareness and funding, we have this week entered the Virgin Business VOOM 2016 awards. There are two stages to the competition: first hundreds of UK businesses need to campaign for public votes, and then the shortlisted ones will get the unmissable opportunity to pitch to Richard Branson - with the winner and runners up receiving huge acclaim, a prestigious award, a high-profile marketing campaign and a cash prize.

Would you like to see PassivPod become a real holiday option? If yes, then help us make the vision come true by:

  • Taking a look at our pitch, and if you're impressed - please vote for us! It's incredibly fast and easy to do.
    Voting ends on the 23rd May 2016.
  • Share our pitch with your friends, family and coworkers on social media. The more people know about PassivPod, the better!
  • If you're really keen, we are also running a crowdfunding campaign from our pitch, offering an exclusive one-night stay in the first ever PassivPod along with other perks to generous contributors.

sustainable holiday home competition


Thanks for your interest, and tweet us your comments at @koruarchitects!