For a healthy home, choose natural paints

Maybe you’ve been inspired by a home makeover TV show. Maybe you haven’t painted for decades and your walls are faded and peeling. Maybe you’re decorating a room for a new arrival to the family. Maybe you’re a DIY enthusiast

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Indoor air pollution: what causes it and how to fight it

indoor air pollution, koru architects, eco architects

We’re all aware of the dangers of air pollution – tending to think of it as a symptom of industrial traffic-clogged cities. Images of hazy urban smog and billowing plumes from factories spring to mind. But in some cases, your

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Refurbishing for energy efficiency? Do these 5 things first

energy efficiency

You know your home’s energy efficiency is not up to scratch and the idea that you’re constantly throwing money down the sink (or more likely out the window) is frustrating to say the least. And who doesn’t like a solution

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13 reasons sustainable timber is the best construction material

sustainable timber and forestry

Timber has been a popular building material since time immemorial, but with recent shock and concern over global deforestation – 13 million hectares lost per year – many people are questioning whether they should be using it. The quick answer is yes

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All you need to know about zero carbon homes

zero carbon homes

Do you find yourself hearing the term zero carbon homes but not really knowing what it means? Parsing terminology can be confusing at times, so we’ve put together a little explainer on what exactly is a zero carbon home, why

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Passive Solar: the low-tech way to heat your home

Whether you’re giving your house a new lease of life with a refurb or planning your brand new dream home, getting the most bang for your buck will be a priority. Good design can save you money on your bills,

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Discover the Best Talks & Products From Ecobuild 2016

Ecobuild 2016 Jonathan Meades

Ecobuild is the UK’s biggest conference for the construction industry, with over 40,000 professionals coming to the London Excel Centre every year to learn, source and network. Our newest team member, architect Issi Rousseva, headed over for two of the three

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The Housing Bill: more political than practical

housing bill, council flats

In 2016, affordable housing is clearly a national priority. But will the Housing Bill help? According to Shelter, 1.8 million British families are on waiting lists to get council housing, and 41,000 families with children were homeless this Christmas, hopping

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