The benefits of bioplastics (#SuperSmartMaterials)

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Bioplastics originate from biological material. We all know that oil and gas originate from biological organisms. But plastics derived from these natural oils and gases aren’t bioplastics. So, what is a bioplastic? One of the first synthetic plastics was made

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Tour of Tangmere Solar Farm

Tangmere solar farm

How can local government cut carbon emissions and boost the green economy? One option is to directly build solar farms, like the Tangmere Solar Farm our marketing officer Tegan Tallullah visited today. Organised by Sustainable Business Partnership, the event consisted of

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ASBP Healthy Buildings conference

healthy buildings conference

How can careful product specification positively impact the health and wellbeing of building users and the planet as a whole? That was the central question explored by the Healthy Buildings Conference & Expo on 15th February 2017, organised by Alliance

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Benefits of building with timber, plus examples (#SuperNaturalMaterials 1)

natural materials timber

This post is the first in our Super Natural Materials series. Timber: a popular choice Timber is one of the most popular building materials and people have been building with timber since ancient times. Its great versatility means it’s used

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How to choose your renewable energy sources

You know you want your new dream home to include some green energy generation, so you can be more independent, save money in the long term, and do your bit for the planet. But how do you know what’s right

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Eco Tech Summit + PEA Awards: In Conversation with James Dean

What’s the future of the UK’s green economy? The Eco Tech Summit was an action-packed day conference exploring that pivotal question on 7th October 2016, followed by the PEA Awards in the evening. Koru Architects marketing officer Tegan Tallullah was

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Two Innovations in Low Carbon Tech & How to Fund More

We travelled to Shoreham for a morning of talks and networking on 20th April with the Low Carbon Technology Showcase, organised by Sustainable Business Partnership for the Green Growth Platform. This post is a round-up of what we found most interesting from

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