Some exciting news from our PassivPod project! Hear from Richard Hermon, Director of Galloway Activity Centre, about why he plans to build the world's first PassivPod on the shores of the beautiful Loch Ken in Dumfries and Galloway.

Richard and his team are in the process of applying for planning permission for our luxury off-grid PassivPod which will fit in perfectly with Galloway Activity Centre's three off-grid eco-lodges, known as Loch Ken Eco Bothies.

Richard said: "We see PassivPod as a unique offering which meets our high quality standards and we endorse its biophilic properties and zero-carbon design standards. We believe it will encourage people to broaden their experience and knowledge of renewables and boost tourism in our rural economy."

With its biophilic design, PassivPod will provide a healthy and comfortable living environment in all seasons. The ellipsoid shape enables maximum living space in a stable, solid and attractive building.

The glazing orientation allows low-level winter sun to penetrate while excluding the intense summer sun. Both east and west windows are shaded by external louvres keeping the building a comfortable temperature throughout the summer. And a wood burning stove provides cosy, supplementary heat in the winter months if needed.

A roof-lit central stairwell acts as the ‘heart and lungs’ of the PassivPod, bringing daylight down to the entrance area and providing ventilation. The ground floor living space is open-plan, loosely divided by furniture to promote sociability while complementing an outdoor lifestyle and embracing nature and wildlife.

Regarding energy consumption, a rainwater harvesting tank supplies water and the hybrid solar roof generates power.

As an ecologically-sensitive development which generates all its own energy, PassivPod is perfect for remote natural locations, such as the banks of Loch Ken, blending perfectly into the natural landscape and without disrupting the natural beauty of the site.

PassivPod at Galloway Activity Centre will be a rejuvenating haven you will not want to leave.

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