Planning permission for tricky sites – we can help!

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Applying for planning permission can be tough to navigate. Applying for planning permission for tricky sites – for example agricultural land, a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, a national park or the green belt – can be even more

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The Argus, 14 August 2018

‘Eco start up wins top awards for green idea’ – 14 August 2018 Brighton & Hove’s daily paper, The Argus, featured Koru-designed PassivPod in their business section. The article details PassivPod’s double win at the National Best New Business Awards.

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18.6.18 – Galloway Activity Centre plans for world’s first PassivPod

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Some exciting news from our PassivPod project! Hear from Richard Hermon, Director of Galloway Activity Centre, about why he plans to build the world’s first PassivPod on the shores of the beautiful Loch Ken in Dumfries and Galloway. Richard and his

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Built to Learn: how design affects learning outcomes

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There are many different variables that affect one’s ability to learn. In our new report, we break down how design affects learning outcomes and how we can increase cognition through design. Everyone in the education sector has similar core goals:

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PHS Greenleaf blog, July 2017

We were asked to comment on biophilia in office design for PHS Greenleaf’s blog. Koru’s Marketing and Communications Officer, Oscar Berkhout, explained how to incorporate biophilic design into your office environment even when working from home. You can read the

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ASBP Healthy Buildings conference

healthy buildings conference

How can careful product specification positively impact the health and wellbeing of building users and the planet as a whole? That was the central question explored by the Healthy Buildings Conference & Expo on 15th February 2017, organised by Alliance

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7 ways eco workplace design will boost your profits

The myth that eco-design is ‘only’ about protecting our planet for future generations is beginning to break down. More and more people are pointing to the mountains of evidence that it also benefits business right here and now. While our

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5 evidence-backed examples of biophilic design for schools

The physical campus has a big impact on the learning outcomes and general wellbeing of students. As concern for climate change and energy costs pushes schools and other education institutions to engage with sustainability, new research is showing the amazing

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How to boost office productivity with biophilic design

Ensuring your employees are happily working away as they’re supposed to is clearly one of your top priorities. Yet everyone takes time off for illness or personal reasons at some point, and the culture of ‘presenteeism’ means even when people

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Why putting plants in classrooms is a fantastic idea

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We all agree plants are nice to have in the garden and even in the house, but what about plants in classrooms at school? Or at university? Underpinning intuition with a slew of scientific research, the fledgling field of biophilic

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