Benefits of Green Buildings: part one – environmental benefits

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As World Green Building Week 2018 approaches (24 – 30 Sep), we thought we’d share some of the most recent research on the environmental benefits of green buildings. This post is part of a series which will explain why we should

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Breathe easy & discover the rich natural beauty of clay plasters

clay plasters

This is a guest post by Clare Whitney, Clayworks  The humble clay plaster has evolved into a thing of beauty. Clay is one of the world’s most ancient building materials – and one of the most naturally abundant. It is a

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ASBP Healthy Buildings conference

healthy buildings conference

How can careful product specification positively impact the health and wellbeing of building users and the planet as a whole? That was the central question explored by the Healthy Buildings Conference & Expo on 15th February 2017, organised by Alliance

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Good design improves your quality of life

design improves your quality of life

Does good design improve your quality of life? You may think this an obvious question. Many people take it for granted that a beautiful comfortable home that suits their lifestyle and personal style will obviously make them and their family

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For a healthy home, choose natural paints

Maybe you’ve been inspired by a home makeover TV show. Maybe you haven’t painted for decades and your walls are faded and peeling. Maybe you’re decorating a room for a new arrival to the family. Maybe you’re a DIY enthusiast

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Indoor air pollution: what causes it and how to fight it

indoor air pollution, koru architects, eco architects

We’re all aware of the dangers of air pollution – tending to think of it as a symptom of industrial traffic-clogged cities. Images of hazy urban smog and billowing plumes from factories spring to mind. But in some cases, your

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