Sustainable School

RIBA Ideas Competition  |  Prize Winner

Submitted 2001

A competition design for Kingsmead Primary School, Canterbury.

This school building is organic in shape, with a large central atrium being surrounded by classrooms, offices and storage spaces around the edges. Large areas of south-facing glazing flood the learning spaces with natural light, and sun louvres block out the intense summer sun to avoid overheating.

The top-lit atrium acts as the heart and lungs of the building, promoting natural passive ‘stack’ ventilation. Super insulation and high thermal mass combined with a compact shape reduces heat loss to an absolute minimum. Solar PV cells integrated into the atrium glazing supplement energy demand and roof-mounted solar thermal collectors supplement hot water demand. Rainwater is collected to flush the WCs and irrigate the gardens.

“The educationalists thought this scheme offered much more of a futures imperative than many of the other projects. They were very interested in the plan form and the absence of conventional circulation. Rudolf Steiner-like ideas were read into the scheme.”
(Assessors report).

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