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A sustainable architect designs a sustainable life

Choosing a sustainable architect might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about making your lifestyle more green, but it can actually have the biggest impact.

As public awareness of the human causes of climate change increases, more and more people are reducing their carbon footprint and living a more sustainable lifestyle. Lots of us will consider recycling or using public transport more frequently if we are trying to be more eco-friendly.

But one of the most significant changes you can make to reduce your energy consumption is make your home energy-efficient. Most old buildings are expensive to run due to their inefficiency and out-dated technology, and as well as the price on your pocket is the price on the planet. While it might seem improbable, buildings are responsible for a massive 30% of global carbon emissions.

Moreover, many buildings are unhealthy, having poor indoor air quality, a lack of daylight and are completely disconnected from nature.

So when it comes to building a house, adding an extension or renovating your property, how can you do it with minimal environmental impact? Enter a sustainable architect...

What is sustainable design?

Sustainable design, or eco design, seeks to minimize the negative environmental impact of buildings and the construction process. By using a combination of highly energy-efficient materials, renewable energies, natural materials and organic design elements, sustainable design minimises environmental damage and reduces energy consumption.

By choosing green design, you ensure today's actions will not adversely affect future generations.

The benefits of using a sustainable architect

The benefits of using an eco architect can be divided into three categories: environmental benefits, economic benefits and social benefits.


Choosing a green architect is the best way to ensure your project will be sustainable and environmentally-friendly. A sustainable architect will consider the greenest options available and build them naturally into your design. And you don't need a wind turbine in your garden – even a small project can be made eco by using sustainable, natural materials and well-thought-out design.


By using energy-efficient technology, or even just insulating well, you can reduce energy bills. And as more of us are recognising the benefits of green buildings, adopting green technology can add value to your home or commercial premises. There may even be financial incentives to help you too.


Research shows green design enhances health and wellbeing. Simply improving air quality, having a reliable temperature control and better access to daylight can have positive effects on your mood. We're big believers in biophilic design as well, and would encourage bringing nature into your space to get even more benefit.

Thinking about a new project? Or want to chat about sustainable design? Get in touch!