RIBA Schedule of Design Services

RIBA schedule of design services THE PROJECT

The Client is  ………………………………………………………………………………


The Services relate to  …………….………………………………………………………


at (‘the Site’)  ………………………………………………………………………………


to be procured by …………………………………………………………………………


Project description


Time and Cost

The Client wishes the Project to be completed in accordance with the initial Timetable (Project Programme) for:

to be agreed / notified

and the initial Project Budget including the Construction Cost of the Project, ex VAT:

to be agreed / notified



Clauses 7.1, 7.2 and 7.4

The time limit for action or proceedings and insurance cover is: 6 years

The amount of PI insurance cover to be maintained in respect of each and every claim or

series of claims arising out of the same originating cause is £500,000

Clause 7.7  Supplementary Agreements applicable to this Agreement:

Appendix 1: Agreed Design Services Schedule
Dispute Resolution

Clauses 9.1 to 9.3



The parties may agree to refer a dispute or difference arising out of this Agreement to the Mediation service of: Royal Institute of British Architects


A dispute or difference arising out of this Agreement may be referred to adjudication in accordance with: Royal Institute of British Architects

Applicable Law

The law applying to this Agreement is the law of: England & Wales


Effective Date

The Effective Date of this Agreement is:



The Other Persons listed below are or are to be appointed to perform services in

connection with the Project:


Core Project Roles

Client Representatives: to be agreed / notified

Health & Safety Advisor: to be agreed / notified

Cost Consultant: to be agreed / notified

Architect as Designer: to be agreed / notified

Civil and Structural Engineer as Designer: to be agreed / notified

Building Services Engineer as Designer: to be agreed / notified


Additional Roles
The Services are set out in the parts of this schedule identified below:

Role Specifications

 Design Services

The Services shall be performed in the specified Stages [as defined in the RIBA Plan of Work 2013] and include performance of any specified roles in the list below


Role Specifications

Project Lead

Health & Safety Advisor

Cost Consultant

Contract Administrator

Architect as Designer

Civil and Structural Engineer as Designer

Building Services Engineer as Designer

The person appointed to the specified Roles is authorised to perform and shall be responsible for performance of the activities in all relevant stages.


Project Lead Preparing the Client’s initial statement of Project Objectives, taking into account the Client’s core operations and identifying constraints.

Establishing the requirement for professional skills, procedure and programme management, and legal, insurance and financial services.

Identifying the roles of Client representatives and stakeholders.

Managing the appointment of the project team.

Issuing information, decisions, approvals and instructions to the Lead Designer, Cost Consultant and Contract Administrator/Employer’s Agent.

Implementing of any Feasibility Studies and/or options appraisals required.

Developing and maintaining a project strategy.

Developing and maintaining a management structure and communications environment in which all consultants, contractors and other persons can perform effectively.

Managing development of the Brief and overseeing its implementation.

Identifying project procedures including:

  • any relevant existing procedures of the Client;
  • administrative actions such as contributions to and frequency of progress reports, etc;
  • change control procedures for programme and cost matters and contingency expenditure;
  • risk management; and
  • performance and design quality reviews.

Preparing and maintaining Cost Information in co-ordination with any construction cost estimates and cash flow projections prepared by others.

Monitoring performance and activity, cost planning and control, programme and progress, and reporting to the Client. In consultation with consultants and/or contractors, authorises or applies for authorisation to take any corrective action required.

Facilitating communications between the project team except that communications on significant design matters are dealt with by the Lead Designer and/or the Health & Safety Advisor.

Leading, co-ordination and preparation of a Project Execution Plan and the Project Programme.

Advising on methods of procuring construction.

Reviewing the progress of design work with the Lead Designer and Health & Safety Advisor.

Developing and managing change control procedures, and making or obtaining decisions necessary for time and cost control.

With the Contract Administrator, Lead Designer and Health & Safety Advisor co-ordinating and reviewing the work of consultants and site inspectors during Stages 4 and 5.


Health & Safety Advisor

Exercising the powers and duties of and associated with the statutory function of Principal Designer under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015.

Providing, as and when requested, information on health and safety issues to the Project Lead, Lead Designer, the Contract Administrator/Employer’s Agent, Designers and any Other Persons providing work or services reasonably necessary for such persons to carry out their duties.

Facilitating communications on health and safety issues between the Client and such Other Persons.

For the purposes of the Agreement, the Principal Designer is a member of the consultant team. In any conflict with the Agreement the CDM Regulations take precedence.

Note: The Principal Designer is to be appointed by the Client as soon as is practicable after preliminary design work, planning or other preparation for construction work has begun.

Cost Consultant
Providing and updating Cost Information including estimates, advice, valuations and other information concerning the cost of construction works.

Co-ordinating and integrating estimates, advice, valuations and information provided by any
Other Person.

Providing quantity surveying services.


Lead Designer
Co-ordinating preparation of stage programme[s] for the design process.

Co-ordinating design of all constructional elements, including work by consultants, specialists
or suppliers and for health and safety matters in conjunction with the Health & Safety Advisor.

Establishing the form and content of design outputs, their interfaces and a verification procedure.

Communicating with the Client on significant design issues.

Leading and co-ordination preparation of a Project Execution Plan, including work outstanding from previous stages.

Advising on the need for and the scope of services by consultants, specialists, sub-contractors
or suppliers.

Monitoring the work of the Designers.


Preparing and maintaining for each stage a programme for performance of the Services, (including Lead Designer)     including any Services not completed in a previous stage.

Providing designs, specifications, advice and information concerning the design for which the designer is responsible (‘the Relevant Design’) with due regard to cost, functionality, build quality and impact, buildability, construction safety, operation and maintenance.

Determining materials, elements and components, standards of workmanship, type of construction and performance in use for the Relevant Design.

Preparing drawings, sketches, schedules, specifications, calculations and production and tender information for the Relevant Design as appropriate.

Giving due regard to the guidelines contained in the current publication Good Practice in the Selection of Construction Materials 2011 (British Council of Offices Publication) unless authorised by the Client in writing to specify or authorise products or materials generally known within the Designer’s profession at the time of specification or authorisation to be deleterious or hazardous to health or safety or to affect the durability of construction works.

(Where engaged to provide services during the construction stage other than any duties in connection with administration of the Building Contract), making the appropriate number of visits to the site for:

  • inspection generally of the progress and quality of the Relevant Design as built;
  • approval of such elements of the works as may be specified to be to the reasonable satisfaction of the Designer;
  • obtaining information necessary for the issue of any notice, certificate or instruction by the administrator of the Building Contract.

Architect as Designer’s services include siting, spatial arrangement, amenity and appearance of buildings and external works elements. Includes services as relevant to Landscape Architects or Interior Designers.

Civil and Structural Engineer as Designer’s services include civil engineering elements, structural stability of building sub-structures, super-structures and external works elements.

Building Services Engineer as Designer’s services include building services (including mechanical, electrical, public health, transport and/or communications systems) elements.

Specialist Designer’s services relate to elements allocated to a contractor or sub-contractor who it is intended will construct the

specialist work, or to a consultant with special expertise where the specialist work will be constructed by another firm.



Please note that the following work stage services are available but some may not be included in the fee. Please see Appendix 1: Agreed Design Services Schedule


Stage 0 Strategic Definition

Receiving Client’s instructions and information about the Project.

Assisting the Client in defining the Client’s strategic requirements and the preparation of the Strategic Brief.

Providing information for a report on the Project Budget.

Reviewing with Client alternative project team options.

Contributing to the Project Programme and assembling the project team.


Stage 1 Preparation & Brief

Visiting the Site and carrying out an initial appraisal.

Assisting development of the Initial Project Brief including consideration of Project Objectives, Quality Objectives, Project Outcomes, Sustainability Aspirations, Project Budget and other parameters or constraints. Undertaking Feasibility Studies and review of Site Information.

Undertaking development of Handover Strategy and Risk Assessments.

Assisting assembly of project team including contributions to the Design Responsibility Matrix, Information Exchanges and the Project Execution Plan.

(Compiling, revising and editing the Initial Project Brief on behalf of the Client is Other Service 3a)


Stage 2 Concept Design

Preparing Concept Design.

Providing information for approximate estimate of Construction Cost for inclusion with Cost Information.

Contributing to completion of the Final Project Brief.

Preparing Stage Report in accordance with agreed Information Exchanges and submitting to Client.

Preparing Sustainability Strategy, Maintenance and Operational Strategy and reviewing Handover Strategy and Risk Assessments.

Assisting with Third Party Consultations, updating of the Project Execution Plan, preparing of the Construction Strategy and Health and Safety Strategies.


Stage 3 Developed Design

Developing the approved Concept Design to show spatial arrangements, type of construction, materials and updated outline specifications in sufficient detail to co-ordinate the structural and building services design of the project.

Investigating effect of statutory standards and construction safety on Concept Design.

Consulting statutory authorities.

Providing information for estimate of Construction Cost.

Preparing Stage Report in accordance with agreed Information Exchanges and submitting to Client.

Reviewing the Project Execution Plan and Risk Assessments and the Sustainability, Maintenance and Operational, Handover, Construction and Health and Safety Strategies.

Undertaking Third Party Consultations as required.

Planning Applications

Arranging and preparing information for Pre-application discussions.

Preparing and submitting application for detailed planning permission.


Stage 4 Technical Design

Preparing technical designs, calculations and specifications sufficient to construct the project in accordance with the Design Responsibility Matrix and agreed Information Exchanges.

Consulting statutory authorities on developing design.

Providing information for updating estimate of Construction Cost.

Reviewing the Project Execution Plan and Risk Assessments and the Sustainability, Maintenance and Operational, Handover, Construction and Health and Safety Strategies. 

Undertaking Third Party Consultations as required including preparing and making submissions under building acts and/or regulations or other statutory requirements.

Reviewing design information provided by contractors or specialists to establish whether that information can be co-ordinated and integrated with other project information.

Giving general advice on operation and maintenance of the building.


Stage 5  Construction

Making visits to construction works as Designer (See Role Specifications for definition).

Responding to site queries as reasonably required for construction.

Complying with the requirements of the Handover Strategy including agreement of information required for commissioning, training, handover, asset management, future monitoring and maintenance and on-going compilation of “As Constructed Information”.

Assisting with the updating of the Construction and Health & Safety Strategies.

Providing record drawings showing the building and main lines of drainage and other information, where applicable, for the Health and Safety File (CDM 2015) and the building log book (Building Regulations Approved Document Part L2).

Reviewing compliance with statutory and contract requirements.


Stage 6 Handover and Close Out

Advising on resolution of defects.

Providing information for agreeing final account.

Assisting building user during initial occupation period, if applicable as attached schedule.


Stage 7 In Use

Carrying out Post-occupation Evaluation, if applicable as attached schedule.

Procurement Activities 

Identify extent of design work by contractor and/or specialist sub-contractors.

Prepare documents required for tendering purposes.

NB: Activities in italics may be moved to suit project requirements.

NB: Activities underlined will vary to suit project requirements.


Special Services

Special Services only required if the need arises during the commission, which may be instructed as additional Services:

  • Revision of or preparation of additional documents to:

–   comply with requirements of planning or statutory authorities, landlords, etc;

–   comply with changes in interpretation or enactment or revisions to laws or statutory regulations;

–   make changes or corrections not arising from any failure of the Architect/Consultant.

  • Investigations and instructions relating to work not in accordance with the building contract.
  • Assessment of alternative designs, materials or products proposed by a contractor or sub-contractor.
  • Assistance to the Contract Administrator dealing with extensions of time and contractor’s claims.
  • Services on behalf of the Client in connection with any dispute between the Client and another party.
  • Services following damage to, or destruction of, a building in construction or existing buildings.
  • Services following suspension or termination of any contract or agreement with or the insolvency of any other party providing services to the project.
  • Services in connection with easements or other legal agreements.

Basic Fee

Total agreed fee: £             to be paid by stage instalments as follows:


Stage                           Service                                                            Fee

0  & 1                           Preparation & brief

2                                  Concept design

3                                  Developed Design

4                                  Technical Design

5                                  Construction

6                                  Handover /Close Out

7                                  In Use



Time Charges

Director                £95.00/hour

Architect              £65.00/hour

Assistant              £45.00/hour


Expenses and Disbursements



Specified Disbursements

The specified disbursements listed below will be charged at net cost plus a handling charge of 15% of net cost

Planning application etc fees

Building regulation application fees

Other disbursements will be charged at net cost.


Specified Expenses

Where applicable, travel will be charged at 40p per mile


Hard copies of Drawings and Documents

A4     15p per copy/print

A3     15p per copy/print

A2     65p per copy/print

A1     95p per copy/print

in black and white or colour


VAT Registration number of the payee is: 184 7892 50

Accounts for instalments of fees shall be issued monthly and/or at the end of a completed work stage.