Possingworth Lane

Possingworth Lane | Waldron, Sussex

Designed 2007

Innovative zero-carbon eco-house nestled within the Sussex Weald.

This zero-carbon isolated country home situated within the Sussex Weald is designed to be completely sustainable. The building’s sculptural, organic form is reminiscent of a crescent moon and is partially dug-in to the south sloping site, appearing to ‘grow’ out of the landscape.

The house is designed to be totally off-grid. The solar array provides energy, the rainwater is harvested and cleaned for drinking and bathing, an adjacent coppice provides fuel for biomass heating and reed beds even naturally treat the sewage waste.

The upper level comprises a large open-plan kitchen, dining and living area and stairs lead down to the four double bedrooms. The whole south-facing side is highly glazed and allows stunning views of the South Downs while maximising passive solar gain.

“We think this is a well considered example of environmental design and we would be very happy to see it built.”
Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment.

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