Meet the Team: Issi Rousseva

Every week we’ll get to know a member of the Koru Architects team outside of the office. This week it’s the turn of Issi Rousseva.

What is your position at Koru Architects?

I’m an architect with several of my own projects: I’m currently working on new builds, refurbishments and extensions. I’m also the networking officer, so my role is to get the Koru name and brand out there, build relationships and to promote our ethos of sustainability and why we’re unique.

What do you like about working at Koru Architects?

I love our award-winning office. It makes such a difference compared to other offices I’ve worked in because you do feel like you’re in a much healthier space. Obviously it’s a beautiful design so that inspires and motivates me architecturally, and I love that we have a relaxed atmosphere and it’s about self initiating your tasks. We practice what we preach and constantly develop – we’re very research-based and we place a big emphasis on learning and development. And I really love the cats and the garden in the summer!

And what are you working on at the moment?

I’ve got three main projects at the moment and lots of little ones. The main ones are: a four-storey new build project in the centre of Brighton which is quite a challenging site, it’s surrounded by public buildings with very little access. I’m also working on a project in Lewes which is an extension and refurbishment of an existing house and another project in Tunbridge Wells, which is a two-storey extension and extensive refurbishment. The first two are on site and the third is about to go on site.

What’s the favourite thing you’ve done with Koru Architects?

Attending the Vision 10 talks. I loved going to Houses of Parliament to learn about the government’s plans for a sustainable low-carbon revolution and how this will affect the electric vehicle and construction industry. I really enjoyed meeting MPs and feeling like I’m having an impact through giving my consultation.

Any interesting facts about yourself? 

I’m a marksman – I’m a really good shot. I’ve done lots of adventure sports actually: parachuting, scuba diving, downhill skiing, biathlon. And I really like mojitos.

Finally, what does your weekend usually consist of?

I love living in Brighton and going down to the beach at the weekends. I also love cycling since getting into it during the Brighton2Brussels charity cycle ride.

Thank you Issi!

For more information about Issi Rousseva and other team members visit our meet the team page.

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