Meet the Team: Aylin Metin

Aylin Metin, Architect Brighton, Eco Architect, Architect

Every week we’ll get to know a member of the Koru Architects team outside of the office. This week it’s the turn of Aylin Metin.

What is your position at Koru?

I’m an Architectural Assistant, working towards becoming a fully-qualified Architect. Not long to go!

What do you like about working at Koru?

What I particularly like about Koru is its aim to design life-enhancing, genuinely sustainable architecture – I am truly inspired by this approach. This role has given me a real insight into how to integrate sustainability into every facet of design.

What is your favourite project that you’ve worked on this year?

One of my favourite projects that I’ve worked on is a residential extension in Lewes that’s still in progress. It’s amazing how much I have learned from this one project, and I have found it very rewarding.

Tell us about your interests and hobbies…

Outside of work, I like travelling to different cities in Europe to explore the different cultures and architectural styles. I also try to find as much time as I can to sketch and develop my photography skills.

What is your favourite city that you’ve visited and why?

One of my favourite cities I have visited is Helsinki, Finland. The city is amazing and has got so many beautiful examples of different types of architecture.

Thank you Aylin!

For more information about Aylin Metin and other team members visit our meet the team page.

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