Ever wondered what it's like to demolish and rebuild a house? Check out our clients' fantastic house build blog and instagram account wearebuildingahouse.com which details the process with regular blogs, photos and time-lapse videos.

house build blog, koru architects, eco architect, sustainable architect, green architect, sustainable design, eco design, brightonAs they state in their first post back in February 2018, the purpose of the blog is to "[...] tell the story of what it’s like to knock down an old house and build something brand new.

"We’ve never done this before, but we are fortunate to have many good people guiding us through the process. We’ll post pictures, film and sounds from the build on a regular basis."

It's currently week 23, and you can spot Koru's Mark on a site visit in a couple of their recent photographs.

The house that had been on the site was very old, and the clients had initially wanted to renovate it, but after consulting us and a number of other professionals it was evident that the fabric of the building was beyond repair.

From the blog: "At some point after World War II, the house has been coated in a thick layer of render. What it hides we have no idea – but it’s likely to have been applied to mask some degradation of the brickwork and timbers behind.

"The result is that the windows cannot be replaced without removing all of the render – a process which could well lead to the house literally crumbling.

"So we took the decision to apply for planning permission to replace the house in its entirety."

The new design is a detached 4-bedroom family home which takes inspiration from the Arts and Crafts style of architecture while adding a contemporary twist and sustainable low-energy features. You can read more about the design and plans on our projects page here.

As well as following the house build blog you can keep up to date on instagram @wearebuildingahouse