Green Growth Platform Conference 2017

Mark (right) and Clive (left) at Green Growth Platform Conference 2017

The Green Growth Platform aims to help grow the Sussex green economy by providing training, events, specialist knowledge transfer and more. The centrepiece of their annual event calendar is the Green Growth Conference.

Koru director Mark Pellant attended the Green Growth Platform Conference 2017 on 23rd February, along with our business advisor Clive Bonny (who is also Commercial Director of our sister company PassivPod). The day was jam-packed with talks and workshop sessions, with business networking over a lunch provided by local zero-waste restaurant Silo.

Mark says the best parts of the day for him were the talk by Mike Barry, leader of Plan A, the sustainability programme of M&S, and the workshops on gamification and business purpose. The key takeaways were that businesses achieve the most on sustainability when they set ambitious stretch targets and collaborate with similar businesses (as M&S are doing), that people naturally enjoy challenges so gamification leads to higher engagement, and purposeful businesses are increasingly outcompeting companies that lack a clear and compelling purpose. The Teslas will beat the VWs in the economy of the future.

Both Mark and Clive were asked to provide comments for a video of the event which we'll share as soon as it's available.