Fee Estimator

Welcome to our new fee estimator page.

Architect’s fees and services can sometimes appear to be a little mysterious and you may wonder what we are actually doing for the fees we charge. We have therefore taken the bold step to demystify the process and to be more transparent about the fees we charge for the services we provide.

Generally we charge for our time and services as a fixed fee. Only the smallest projects and  additional services mid-project would be invoiced on a time charge basis. Therefore, if the scope of your project does not change, our fees will remain as a fixed amount from the start of the project to completion.

If time charge fees become applicable we charge out at the following rates:  Director £105.00/hr;   Architect £80.00/hr;   Assistant £60.00/hr

Please be aware that there may be other fees involved in the design process including planning application fees, building regulations application fees, building control inspection fees and fees for necessary consultants such as structural engineer, services engineer, party wall surveyor, planning consultant, arborculturalist, ecologist, highways consultant and SAP assessor and we will advise you early on in the process which consultants will be required for your particular project.