Sustainable Building Awards, Koru Architects, Eco Architecture, Brighton, ArchitectKoru Architects has won in the 2018 Sustainable Building Awards!

We are pleased to announce top industry magazine, BUILD, named Koru Architects the Best Green Architecture Practice in South East England in its Sustainable Building Awards.

Thank you to the BUILD magazine judges.

Awards Coordinator Sam Jordan-Turner said: “Due in part to incredible advancements in technology, in addition to the sheer hard work, sustainable building has transformed into a billion-dollar industry which is making a difference in daily and future living, and it is our privilege here at BUILD to be able to share the very best of the best. Congratulations to all of my winners, your success was well deserved.”

We are also thrilled to receive the Award for Excellence in Low Energy Designs for England.

The Sustainable Building Awards aim to reward the work done in the milieu of green building. From the pioneers to the rising stars; BUILD commends the people who work tirelessly to ensure the global community decreases its collective carbon footprint.

Catching society unaware, the buildings in which we work, live and play were, and in some cases still are, doing long-term damage to the environment. Since the days of the global energy crisis in the 1960s -70s, a movement to provide ecologically aware buildings with long term solutions has existed. Yet it has only been recently that major cities from across the world are passing laws and commissioning green buildings, as leaders realise the need for reduction in carbon footprints.

At Koru Architects we take pride in our sustainable practices, so we are particularly pleased to be recognised for our low energy designs and Green practice.

To find out more about these prestigious awards, and the dedicated professionals selected for them, please visit where you can view the winners supplement and full winners list.