Get planning permission for your dream home with contextual design

Contextual design

So many people have a vision of their dream home and have the financial capacity to make it real, but they’re held back by the fear that planners will refuse their bold plan, the neighbours will hate it and they’ll

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Tour of Glyndebourne Opera House

Tour of sustainable opera house

How can an opera house contribute to the zero-carbon transition? That’s a question Gus Christie, the executive chairman of Glyndebourne Opera House, started considering back in 2005. Since then he has led a major refurbishment of the historic building and an ongoing

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Wood for Good video health and wellbeing benefits of wood

‘Health and wellbeing benefits of wood‘ on Wood For Good website, March 2017 At the ASBP Healthy Buildings 2017 conference, our architect Issi Rousseva and marketing officer Tegan Tallullah were interviewed about the benefits of using wood in construction, for a Wood For

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Inhabitat Koru Architects zero-carbon house

‘Zero-carbon home generates income by making more energy than it needs‘ on, March 2017 The popular online magazine Inhabitat, which covers the best in sustainable design news and inspiration, has published a major feature on our zero-carbon house and office at Lloyd Close,

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Portfolio magazine, March 2017 issue

‘Eco Pods‘ in Portfolio Magazine, March 2017 The popular high-end property magazine Portfolio has this month included a mini feature on our unique zero-carbon PassivPod in their ‘what’s trending’ section. The magazine is available in print and also online. You can read a

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‘Building Places That Work For Everyone’ Report Launch

Issi and Julie: building places that work for everyone

With the right combination of industry expertise, community engagement and a clear steer from government, we can build places that work for everyone. That’s the headline message of the UK Green Building Council’s new report: Building Places That Work For

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Green Growth Platform Conference 2017

Green Growth Platform Conference 2017

The Green Growth Platform aims to help grow the Sussex green economy by providing training, events, specialist knowledge transfer and more. The centrepiece of their annual event calendar is the Green Growth Conference. Koru director Mark Pellant attended the Green

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Benefits of building with zinc, plus examples (#SuperNaturalMaterials 2)

Super Natural Materials zinc

This is the second post in our Super Natural Materials series – you can view the whole series here. What is zinc used for? Zinc is an abundant, lightweight and shiny metal which has long been used in construction for

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ASBP Healthy Buildings conference

healthy buildings conference

How can careful product specification positively impact the health and wellbeing of building users and the planet as a whole? That was the central question explored by the Healthy Buildings Conference & Expo on 15th February 2017, organised by Alliance

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Good design improves your quality of life

design improves your quality of life

Does good design improve your quality of life? You may think this an obvious question. Many people take it for granted that a beautiful comfortable home that suits their lifestyle and personal style will obviously make them and their family

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