‘The Great Debate’

What is the future for the culturally-rich seaside city of Brighton? The increased cost of living, matched with the lack of support for small or medium-sized businesses and a lack of jobs – there’s many questions to ask. The main issues raised at the event concerned the above, as well as the challenges of being geographically restricted on all sides and how this affects the dire lack of housing, but shortage of lack to build on. Is building high-rise the right way to go? Or could medium-rise developments address some of the housing pressures? Procurement issues also came into question, with developers opting for bigger companies outside of Brighton without it being a level playing field for smaller, local businesses.

Our architect, Issi Rousseva, explained how attendees debated whether Brighton Universities were producing the right kind of graduates that Brighton businesses required and whether Brighton needs to broaden its outreach globally or whether it was more important that it kept its strong, localised identity. There was a mixed response, but overall, businesses were keen to support other local businesses who shared similar ethics to themselves and understood the diversity, dynamics and identity of the city.

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