Koru Architects is an award-winning, design-led practice that has earned a reputation for thoughtful, environmentally-friendly design and a client-centred approach to projects.

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Client testimonials

“Working with Mark over a period of three-and-a-half years from our initial meeting through to finally getting the go ahead was a painless experience, and he was always there to provide advice. This was more than we could say for local planners who proved to be a challenge at every turn, especially with a site in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, in the green belt and part of the High Weald. A key factor in our eventual success was the efficient and innovative roof profile – large in area but small enough in volume. This allowed us to satisfy all the necessary criteria. This curving profile had been one of Mark’s earliest concepts which he had presented to us and had been particularly appealing.”
Barry Scanlan

“I have found Mark very easy to work with. He listened to the brief and came back with preliminary designs which made excellent use of the space and incorporated elements which I had not previously considered. Mark successfully took into account the setting and scale of the project to arrive at a design which is both sympathetic to its setting and balanced in scale and was instrumental in winning over the planning officer and securing planning permission.”
Miles Murison

“Mark has been very straightforward and professional and has given me sound practical advice. The designs reflect my wishes and were done in a timely fashion. He answered all my questions and clearly has a broad knowledge of the industry.”
Roger Ross

“We had come across Koru Architects at the Weald Wood Fair over a few years and were sympathetic to their approach to new build. Mark laid out a number of design options, taking into account our own aims and then adding his own ideas, without being in the slightest overbearing. He built up a very good relationship with the builders, setting up regular meetings to review progress and to sort out – in every case successfully – any issues. The end result has been a great success. On this basis I cannot recommend Mark highly enough!”
Hew Prendergast

“Koru Architects have been a breath of fresh air in helping me develop my concept and taking this through to design. Mark has been great to deal with, always happy to listen and take on board my views in a timely fashion. He has shown the patience of a aint, while always finding new ideas to cope with my changing views.”
Gino Fox

“Sitting here in my library with the doors open, serenaded by birdsong… it’s 24 degrees inside, perfect! Very many thanks for your work on the project. Now that the grass and my bank balance has started to grow back, I can enjoy this really wonderful working space.
Richard Platt

“Koru Architects made us reconsider our options and took us in a whole new direction which we hadn’t expected but are very happy with. They managed the whole project for us, dealt with the contractors and made sure everything went smoothly. It was very important to us that sustainability was central to the design, which included as many eco features as our budget allowed, such as super insulation, a wood pellet boiler, locally-sourced wood for the facade and solar panels.”
Georgia Turzynski

“After four years living in our eco home designed by Koru we remain very happy with the lifestyle the project has helped us achieve. Mark helped us explore our brief for the new house and came up with a wonderful design in response, which maximises the natural attributes of this rural site and harnesses new technologies.”
Geoff Aucock

“Mark’s contribution has been invaluable. He kept a tight rein on the project so things didn’t go astray, when the builders wanted to change things it was all properly discussed, documented and followed up. I’m really pleased with the look of the building, especially the colour of the bricks and windows. It fits in great with the street scene, far better than I anticipated. I have recommended Mark to others and I would be happy to work with him again.”
Ruth Stoton

“Mark’s designs have been very innovative, making good use of a difficult site. He has been readily available and very productive. His service has pleased me enormously.”
Herb Etkin

Endorsements from industry professionals

“I am pleased to say I have known and worked with Mark for ten years, and his projects are always innovative with great attention to detail. His commitment to sustainability adds another dimension which makes the design process very rewarding”.
Tom Bedford BSc CEng MICE FIStructE
Director, BBP (Consulting Structural Engineers)

“I would confirm that I have worked with Mark Pellant of Koru Architects on a number of high profile commissions with Mark acting as the project architect over many years. I have always found him a pleasure to work with a very professional and diligent approach to the design process. This includes being able to take on board the needs and requirements of clients within the architectural process. I would highly recommend him as a valued member of the development team”.
W N Alderton BTP MRTPI
Director, Prospective Planning Ltd (Planning Consultants)

“I have had the pleasure of working with Mark on several projects throughout his career and have always been impressed with his attention to detail, his appetite for practical sustainability and his pragmatic approach to delivering quality projects on time and to budget. Nowhere is this more apparent that in the design and construction of his own personal house which embraces all of these values and is a true barometer of what I have witnessed him deliver for others too – there is no difference in the standards that he applies to projects, whether his own or others’ – always exemplary. For this reason, Ihave no hesitation at all in recommending Mark to any organisation or potential client”.
Peter Scragg BSc FRICS, MAPM
Director, Northgates (Project Managers / Quantity Surveyors)