Benefits of building with zinc, plus examples (#SuperNaturalMaterials 2)

Super Natural Materials zinc

This is the second post in our Super Natural Materials series – you can view the whole series here. What is zinc used for? Zinc is an abundant, lightweight and shiny metal which has long been used in construction for

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Good design improves your quality of life

design improves your quality of life

Does good design improve your quality of life? You may think this an obvious question. Many people take it for granted that a beautiful comfortable home that suits their lifestyle and personal style will obviously make them and their family

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Benefits of building with timber, plus examples (#SuperNaturalMaterials 1)

natural materials timber

This post is the first in our Super Natural Materials series. Timber: a popular choice Timber is one of the most popular building materials and people have been building with timber since ancient times. Its great versatility means it’s used

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#SuperNaturalMaterials Series: The Power of Natural Materials

super natural materials

Natural materials have superior sustainability and health benefits over artificial materials, and in many cases they’re also cost competitive. As architects specialising in sustainable contemporary design, we specify natural materials such as timber, zinc, copper, wool insulation and plant-based paints

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5 evidence-backed examples of biophilic design for schools

The physical campus has a big impact on the learning outcomes and general wellbeing of students. As concern for climate change and energy costs pushes schools and other education institutions to engage with sustainability, new research is showing the amazing

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For a healthy home, choose natural paints

Maybe you’ve been inspired by a home makeover TV show. Maybe you haven’t painted for decades and your walls are faded and peeling. Maybe you’re decorating a room for a new arrival to the family. Maybe you’re a DIY enthusiast

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Indoor air pollution: what causes it and how to fight it

indoor air pollution, koru architects, eco architects

We’re all aware of the dangers of air pollution – tending to think of it as a symptom of industrial traffic-clogged cities. Images of hazy urban smog and billowing plumes from factories spring to mind. But in some cases, your

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13 reasons sustainable timber is the best construction material

sustainable timber and forestry

Timber has been a popular building material since time immemorial, but with recent shock and concern over global deforestation – 13 million hectares lost per year – many people are questioning whether they should be using it. The quick answer is yes

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Think natural insulation is more expensive? Think again!

natural insulation, sheep wool, koru architects, eco architects, sustainable design

If you’re interested in using natural insulation but you’re worried about the cost, this article is for you. Like most people, we’ve become very familiar with the ‘ethical premium’: if you want the healthier, greener option you usually have to shell out

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