The Argus, 14 August 2018

‘Eco start up wins top awards for green idea’ – 14 August 2018 Brighton & Hove’s daily paper, The Argus, featured Koru-designed PassivPod in their business section. The article details PassivPod’s double win at the National Best New Business Awards.

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The Argus, 30 January 2018

Argus, Koru Architects, Eco Architect, Green Design, Brighton

Brighton & Hove’s daily paper The Argus was very excited about Koru Architect’s PassivPod and its unique ‘space age designs’.  The paper dedicated a full page to our latest project, PassivPod, and its potential use as the classroom of the

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Built to Learn: how design affects learning outcomes

design affects learning, koru architects, eco architects, sustainable design

There are many different variables that affect one’s ability to learn. In our new report, we break down how design affects learning outcomes and how we can increase cognition through design. Everyone in the education sector has similar core goals:

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5 evidence-backed examples of biophilic design for schools

The physical campus has a big impact on the learning outcomes and general wellbeing of students. As concern for climate change and energy costs pushes schools and other education institutions to engage with sustainability, new research is showing the amazing

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Why putting plants in classrooms is a fantastic idea

Plants in classrooms, koru architects, eco architect, sustainable design, biophilic design

We all agree plants are nice to have in the garden and even in the house, but what about plants in classrooms at school? Or at university? Underpinning intuition with a slew of scientific research, the fledgling field of biophilic

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