Planning permission for tricky sites – we can help!

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Applying for planning permission can be tough to navigate. Applying for planning permission for tricky sites – for example agricultural land, a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, a national park or the green belt – can be even more

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Benefits of building with stone, plus examples (#SuperNaturalMaterials 4)

building with stone super natural materials

This is the fourth post in our Super Natural Materials series – you can view the whole series here. Building with stone: a long history From smart townhouses to grand mansions to medieval castles to cosy worker cottages to ancient

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Get planning permission for your dream home with contextual design

Contextual design

So many people have a vision of their dream home and have the financial capacity to make it real, but they’re held back by the fear that planners will refuse their bold plan, the neighbours will hate it and they’ll

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