Spylaws | Wych Cross, East Sussex

Completed 2017

Minimalist glass extension to 4-bedroom house in Wych Cross. 

The addition of the modern, minimalist style living room offers views of the beautiful Ashdown Forest that surrounds, through large panes of glass. The extension is filled with natural light, offered from the surrounding glass and roof light.

Replacing what was once an unused conservatory, the underfloor heated addition to the home provides a space that can be enjoyed year-round.

“We wanted to replace a decrepit conservatory on our rural property with a new one and an office.  For the former we were aiming for something modern and ‘clean’ in its look, and well insulated despite an expanse of glass, but the office, as seen from the front of the house, was to blend in with existing brickwork and windows.  We had come across Koru Architects at the Weald Wood Fair over a few years and were sympathetic to their approach to new build.  Initially impressed by the clearly laid out costings of each of the various stages of the project, we then hired them – i.e. Mark – who laid out a number of design options taking into account our own aims and then adding his own ideas without being in the slightest overbearing.  He built up a very good relationship with the builders, setting up regular meetings to review progress and to sort out, in every case successfully, any issues.  The end result has been a great success.  On this basis I cannot recommend Mark high enough!” – Hew Prendergast (client).

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