Portland Villas 14

Portland Villas 14 | Brighton, East Sussex

New highly energy-efficient 4-bedroom home with green roof 

This new property replaces a small old bungalow which had occupied the site previously. The generous 4-bedroom home is highly energy efficient, almost to passivhaus levels, as it utilises a specialist timber frame kit which is extremely air-tight and highly insulated. This coupled with the use of passive solar for optimum daylighting and space heating makes the energy demand very low.

The ground floor has a large TV room and home office with an open-plan living, dining and kitchen space leading to the patio and garden. The house design makes optimal use of the loft space with the master bedroom with generous ensuite and two balconies at the front and back, and two skylights over the stairs drawing light through the home. The first floor also benefits from a balcony to the front overlooking the street.

A green roof covers the single-storey section at the back of the property as a haven for wildlife, with the main roof being made of slate. The exterior is white and terracotta render, to fit into the street scene by blending with the colour scheme of the neighbouring brickwork. The triple glazed windows are shiny aluminium on the outside and a warm wood on the interior.

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