Crowlink Corner

Crowlink Corner | East Dean, Sussex

Designed 2009

Innovative contemporary split-level house on wooded sloping site. 

This imaginative and sensitive contemporary split-level house capitalises on its spectacular and secretive location by cascading down a wooded slope, minimising the visual impact. The dwelling is situated on the South Downs and has beautiful views of the coast. It replaces an old bungalow that was occupying the site.

The dwelling has been orientated to the south to maximise passive solar gain in winter, and generous balconies form large overhangs to avoid summer over-heating. The north walls are predominately unglazed to retain heat. The expansive open-plan living space opens out onto a terrace. The large garden includes many trees and a swimming pool.

Most of the building materials will be familiar to the area, including locally sourced sussex flint and sweet chestnut for the exterior timber cladding.

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